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Petissimo grew from combing two of our biggest passions:
Graphic Design and a Love of Animals



Why not focus on creating beautiful designs to match these wonderful creatures? Our families have had an amazing array of pets over the years, ranging from cats and dogs, to monkeys and snakes! We ourselves were really excited to welcome ‘Cappuccio’ (a beautiful chocolate Burmese) and Saby (a little lilac Burmese ) into our home in the last two years, to meet our trusty blue moggie, Susy. From breeders who wish to have a website designed or re-designed, to pet-sitters, vets, groomers and walkers who wish to advertise their services locally and beyond, we would love to provide you with design that comes from those who share your love of much cherished animals. It really will be a pleasure for us to work with you!

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